Global Mapping of Macao

The Old Maps on Macao Studies from all over the world


The project of Global Mapping of Macao is one of the research projects on "Macao in the global history" organized by Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) and sponsored by Macao Foundation.

Macao was the very first place at which European merchants, missionaries, and travelers found residence in an East Asian place. Near five hundred years, it established itself as a significant joint to connect the west with the east, economically and culturally alike. The modern history of Macao is no doubt an integral part of the world or global history. In the course of research on Macao, the scholars invariably felt the need to explore old maps that remain scattered in varied libraries around the world and in effect encountered the obvious difficulty in using them.

MUST thereafter launched the project of "Global mapping of Macao" in 2013. Designed as a long-term research endeavor, this project is in pursuit of a trifold aim: first, the expansion of the global history of Macao as a research area; second, the development of a special collection on maps about Macao by purchasing or facsimileing; and third, the provision of a database on maps of Macao for research and public education. In order to accomplish these missions, the project must be lead by research and cooperation. Thus, we organize international symposiums and exhibitions under the same name, and publish conference proceedings, by which we build up connection and cooperation with scholars, libraries, museums, archives and other map collection institutions. We also publish the map album, which is totally non-commercial publication and will be sent to scholars and libraries as gift.


China/Macau: Cartography, Circulation, Description

Prof. Dai Longji and Mr. Yang Xunling, the members of GMoM project, presented two papers in the symposium China/Macau: Cartography, Circulation, Description at Lisbon, organised by Macau Scientific and Cultural Center of the Ministry of Education and Science Portugal (CCCM) and Macao Foundation.

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Macao Research Awards on Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences

The 2014 map album yearbook, Sailing to the East: Global Mapping of Macao, was rewarded as the second prize of the 4th Macao Research Awards on Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences.

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Map Exhibition Co-organised by MUST and Macao Central Library

To celebrate the 120th anniversary of the Macao Central Library and 10th anniversary of the inscription of The Historic Centre of Macao on the World Heritage List, Macao Central Library and Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) Library organised an exhibition of antique maps themed Global Mapping of Macao.

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Exhibition of Precious Maps and Archives from Vatican Apostolic Library

Pearls in Paradise: Exhibition of Precious Maps and Archives from Vatican Apostolic Library and the 2nd International Symposium on Global Mapping of Macau, co-organised by Macau University of Science and Technology and the Vatican Apostolic Library, was successfully held on July 29th.

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